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Lets talk Daily Rhythm, one aspect of a Curated Lifestyle

Curated Lifestyle

A while ago I coined a phrase Tweetie, Owlie or Twinkie? While it was somewhat in jest, the underlying question was real and is based on what is now known to be embedded right down to DNA level, a circadian clock that dictates the circadian rhythm that best suits our body.  Understanding yours and designing […]

Multi-buy Promotion Activewear

Multi-buy Promotion Activewear

Luxe Activewear brand GOLDIFIT is now offering a Multi-buy deal everyday in addition to AFTERPAY The multi-buy promotion is Buy 2 items and get $30 off 2nd item every time We want to reward your multi-buy loyalty not just today, not just this week but every day that you shop with luxe activewear brand […]

GOLDIFIT Activewear online to feature in KBS Magazine

Activewear online

Australian Activewear online brand GOLDIFIT to be featured in issue #4 of KBS Magazine The feature demonstrates the zig zag mesh cut outs of our activewear tights and cool comfort of our low v teeshirt.  GOLDIFIT activewear has a luxe look and feel but this article plays to that adorable fun side of the brand.  GOLDIFIT […]